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Rent or sell your timeshare. No commision. No nonsense!

PeakWeek.co.za connects Sellers and Buyers of traditional timeshare. Or even just those who want to rent or lease timeshare for a short period of time.

Welcome everyone. Good to have you visit peakweek.

Timeshare actually works but it becomes a costly business when you are being ripped off. Are the costs justified? What about fractional ownership? Points? Are they useful? Should you buy them? What about transfer costs? Too many questions.

PeakWeek.co.za gives you the opportunity to manage your ownership without the costly interference from those who promise to have your best interests at heart.

You are able to add Resorts at will, regardless of whether it is affiliated to a club or holiday management company.
You own the timeshare. You add it. You sell it.

***New Features
Search for holidays by choosing up to 4 resorts or search by Region OR Province.
Create your OWN Holiday Request.
Select the resort, the period and Peakweek will watch the system for you. Once we have a match it will appear on your Members page.

Register Now and have direct access to all the holidays listed below.

Featured Region: Eastern Cape
1 holidays available for 03 Mar 2018 to 10 Mar 2018

Rent Umhlanga Cabanas from 01 Dec 2017 to 08 Dec 2017
Rent Sunshine Bay Beach Club from 03 Mar 2018 to 10 Mar 2018

422 members. 2 listed timeshares for sale or for rental.
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Many of you have requested that I create a facility on the site that will allow you to list your points that you want to sell. This remains a work in progress.

Thanks for using PeakWeek.co.za. Its great to have you.

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